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Yeah, I know, who doesn’t have a blog, twitter feed, podcast or some other form of social media publication these days?  It’s hard enough to stay on top of Slack, email and SMS with co-workers and family, and then curate your own unified feed of info sources you care about. So, what’s the point?  Well, to be honest, I’m doing this more for me than you 🙂  I love to learn and gather information.  But, as already mentioned, I find myself often overwhelmed and concerned good stuff is just going in and going out…..no processing!  Writing requires that I process data and make sense of it and then ultimately decide if and how I build what I’ve processed into my latticework of mental models (more on this in another post). How does this relate to information security & privacy in Edtech?  First of all, Edtech is all about innovation in how we learn and improve.  The subject matter can take many forms, and cybersecurity can be a domain where concepts and ideas get over complicated.  My hope is that I can take my 20+ experience and all the information sources I consume and produce practical models and tools to further my goal of building secure Edtech. So, if you also share this goal, please follow this blog and by all means contribute your thoughts, criticisms and insights. So, what will I be going on about?  I’ve included some topics I hope to cover which should give you a sense:
  1. Compliance vs security: Let’s stop with the paper tigers.
  2. Data driven learning – big promises with big privacy concerns
  3. Shared responsibility in cloud security.
  4. Using your CS students to assess your security posture.
  5. Best Open Source Software (OSS) for security assessments.
  6. Building secure software
  7. SME cybersecurity – good(enough) and cheap!
  8. Why the hell do we keep failing at same things in security?
  9. How to get your security program off the ground
  10. Decision making for cybersecurity
  11. What I think are the best personal security/privacy tools and practices

One other important thing……All opinions, recommendations, bad jokes, and other random musings are mine (even though I would like to blame someone else sometimes).  Nothing on this blog should be taken as coming from my employer.

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